Adjustable Solar Panel Mount 22-inch Length

  • NOTE:At the time of installation, the mounting holes on your solar panel frame is required to be adjusted according to the mounting holes on our brackets.Made from rust free aluminum with stainless steel hardware.(Fasteners for attaching solar panel to mount included)Easy to fix and install.
  • Commonly mount the solar panel up to 100W ,12V.Also applicable to other specifications solar panels.Max solar panel width around 500~550mm.
  • Especially beneficial over winter months when there is less sunlight.Gain up to 25% more solar panel efficiency by tilting your panels towards the sun instead of laying them flat.
  • Designed for solar systems,can be used on RV,MARINE,MOTORHOME,roofs, sheds, garages or other flat surfaces to tilt solar panels,or ground.
  • Comes with 4 rails, 2 legs,4 module bolts,4 flange nuts,6 5/16" wing bolts, 6 5/16" wing nuts.

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