Mighty Mule EZGO-Solar Automatic Gate Operator

  • E-z gate kit includes complete gate opener Package, 2 remotes (Fm135) and a 10W solar panel (Fm123)
  • Mighty Mule e-z gate single swing gate opener is designed gates up to 16 ft. Long or 550 lbs
  • Perfect for all gate types including ornamental, chain link, tube, panel, vinyl and wood
  • 12 - volt automotive or marine Type battery required. Easy DIY (DO it yourself) installation that includes an interactive DVD for added assistance.All-inclusive kit that does not require welding or an electrician
  • Power requirements: AC or solar
  • 30% residential energy efficient property tax credit available! residential home owners can use this credit on the operator system, accessories and installation
  • Backed by a 12 month Mighty Mule warranty and technical support

Comments about Mighty Mule EZGO-Solar Automatic Gate Operator 1

Installed in a weekend taking my time to get everything just right. So far in raining winter WA the battery is holding a charge with the 5w solar panel but just in case I ordered a 15w panel to wire in series to beef the trickle charge up. Motor is a bit slow to open and loud (hopefully that means built to last not low quality). The remotes work from quite a ways away and it's open by the time I pull in from a few 100 ft down the street.Added the electric lock and key pad (for guests).Overall so far very happy.Everything was there and everything worked amd taking my time everything turned out right the 1st try.

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