AOSHIKE 10Pcs 5V 60MA Epoxy Solar Panel Polycrystalline

  • 1) high conversion rate, high efficiency output;Excellent low light effect,very powerful,This is perfect for the experience solderer
  • 2) A unique process to make components beautiful and strong anti-snow, easy to install
  • 3) This process of solar panels bright surface bright, excellent transmission. Another light weight, thin thickness, shape appropriate to change
  • 4) Can be used to some DIY solar products, Solar Powered Lights for Outdoor,Patio,Garden,Home,Holiday Decoration,such as solar toys, miniature solar system. Arbitrarily change the output power and voltage through different connect way in series or in parallel, meet your needs!
  • Note,About this product,pls know the test condition before use,if you have any prolem with it when you got it,pls feel free to contact Seller staff,We will provide the best service and support,thank you for your choice!
Category: Solar Panels

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