HQST 400 W 12 V Polycrystalline Solar Panel

  • Designed specifically for customers new to solar. Easy and convenient to install with pre-drilled holes on panels and Z brackets for fast mounting and securing.
  • Used in various off-grid applications that include 12 and 24 volts arrays, water pumping systems, signaling systems and other off-grid pplications. Great for off-grid applications, such as RVs, trailers, boats, sheds, and cabins.
  • Provides many benefits, including quiet power production and grid independence. Ideal output: 2000Wh per day (depending on the availability of sunlight); can fully charge a 100Ah battery from 50% in 1.5 hours (depending on the availability of sunlight).
  • Comes with four 100W 12V polycrystalline solar panels, a 40A MPPT LCD charge controller, a pair of 20 ft 10 AWG daptor cables, four sets of Z-brackets, and all necessary mounting hardware.
  • Warranty: Panels, 5 years material and workmanship warranty and 25 years power output warranty; Accessories, 1 year material & workmanship warranty.
Category: Solar Panels

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